Shattering the circle, one artwork at a time

Shattering the circle, one artwork at a time

We offer three focus areas, all of which promote higher transparency, access and liquidity in the global art market.

Signature Tags

The proprietary Look Lateral Signature Tag System enables the definitive identification of a work by safely affixing a physical Signature Tag which cannot be tampered with. The Signature Tag works on any backing and media (paintings, sculptures, photographs, video), supported by a facial recognition system.

As an artist’s mark of individuality since the Renaissance, we think that signatures should add security and help art keep pace with other high net worth assets.

Provenance System

The completion of the tagging process enables the artwork to join the Look Lateral Network. The tag inextricably links relevant data (via a blockchain technology stack) to pertinent historical information and physical transfer data that accumulate during its lifecycle. A complete Look Lateral Provenance System is generated, continuously adding key data after each new, physical transfer of the artwork.

Our experts in quantitative finance leverage powerful artificial intelligence allowing to process algorithms with real-time data. This delivers pricing and indexing information. We have configured a powerful platform that estimates the value of artworks and guides the user with actionable intelligence in their market purchases or sales.

“The application of blockchain technology in the provenance validation and distribution of art, as well as the “tokenization” of assets, is a significant and timely change. It will alter how art is valued, owned, distributed and shared.”

David Otto ~ Look Lateral CLO


Artworks that are identified and certified in this way can be divided into portions (tokens) and, for the first time in history, be transacted as shares by more individuals. Transactions take place on a platform, the FIMART (Financial Market of Art Regulated Tokens), specifically created for this purpose.

“We have the power, experience, dedicated forces, dynamism and energy to make the art market liquid. This will be the best accomplishment in the history of financial innovations.”

Antonio Mele, Ph.D. ~ Look Lateral Chief Analytics Officer, Senior Chair at the Swiss Finance Institute and former tenured Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics & Political Science

Due to sensitive competition issues, our White Paper will be released one week prior to the opening of the limited token pre sale.

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