Art is an asset class worth approximately $60 billion, with millions of transactions per year. Yet it is still locked-in under a sea of plumb, and reigned by doubts on authenticity, lack of transparency and liquidity.

As art enthusiasts, it is the values of the Renaissance that drive us: reason, exploration, science, innovation and disruption.

Look Lateral’s mission continues the audacity of our Italian intellectual and artistic heritage: to enable global and open access to the art market.

We are building a community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety and accuracy of the art market. We combine the power of the latest generation of blockchain technology with a robust mechanism for provenance that radically improves the extant market pricing mechanisms and liquidity.

Look Lateral is a global venture supported by professionals in art, technology and finance. We have experience and knowledge of the subtle interplays of art and its markets.

Bringing art into people’s home
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“I have a mission: to make the art market accessible to everybody, to fill the gaps that are responsible for the anachronistic and senseless closure. I think art is a good thing to spread and to access without limitation. I am a fan of the truth. I would like to know every step of the story of an artwork in order to be sure that the information I have is exactly related to that work, not a copy, and to know its real value and exact price”

Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia ~ Look Lateral Founder & CEO

Look Lateral started as an art magazine at the forefront of global news in 2007. With the goal of disrupting the market, we have continued to bring art to an ever-widening audience since 2013. As custodians of the market, we combine the best of artistic traditions with cutting-edge technologies in order to meet the fast-changing cultural, economic and geopolitical landscape.

We plan to expand the global art space, opening up markets to a wider audience. We want the world to experience the benefits of art investment and share our life-long passion for art.

To this end, we maintain a continuous presence at major art fairs around the globe. We leverage our international network of art, finance, marketing and public relations experts working tirelessly to make art more accessible and to share the experience of timeless truth and beauty that art brings into our lives.

Look Lateral has grown its community presence by embracing innovation and a frontier-like expansion of our mission, sharing our love for art with the world and making the market a welcoming place for all who wish to participate.

We match the increasingly complex landscape of high quality supply in the market with an increasingly diversified demand of the global art consumer.